The Airport Terminal was constructed in 1998. It is a 4,000 square feet facility of brick construction. Its features include a large passenger lobby area, pilots lounge, conference room, kitchenette, large restrooms, cable TVs and a Meteorlogix Weather System with color radar.

The Shelbyville Municipal Airport started as an emergency landing field in the 1930s for the Air Mail Pilots flying in the Light Beacon system. There was a light beacon tower sitting on a concrete arrow that guided pilots in the right direction. In the day time the arrows pointed the pilots to the next arrow. The arrows were spaced at about 10 mile intervals. At night, pilots simply followed the light beacons. There was an emergency grass landing strip located at the Shelbyville site. The concrete arrow is still in place on the Shelbyville Airport. A group of Shelbyville businessmen started an airport on the old emergency landing site in the 1950s. The city of Shelbyville purchased that site from those individuals in the late 50s. The original airport was situated on about 80 acres. Through the years, the airport has grown into a 520 acre site with many improvements.